Mahabubul Kabir - CEO and Chirman of the Board

  When Mahabubul Kabir came to the United States in 1982 as a student, his dream was to one day be an established successful entrepreneur. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Southern Illinois University then pursued a Master’s Degree at the University of Illinois. He worked tirelessly to accomplish his dream. For 15 years he worked for three companies. First, as a manager in the management-consulting arm of Ernst and Young, then for Rockwell International as development manager for new businesses, and finally he was as an infrastructure technology manager for Tellabs, a telecommunication equipment manufacturer.

    Kabir is a results-driven professional with extensive experience leading people and project team as well as, implementing and overseeing technology programs. He has over 12 yrs of successful planning and directing activities, that provides innovative information technology and customer service solutions. In addition, he has a proven ability to solve problems, reduce and control expenses and sustain high productivity in critical deadline environments. In addition, he has skills in leadership, budgeting, planning, project management and methodology. Consequently, he is able to forge working relationships with all levels of management Not to mention his skills at motivating and developing people in a fast paced, results-oriented environment.

     Today, he is one of the most successful businessmen within the Asian community and possesses businesses here and abroad. His primary concentration is in the manufacture, import and distribution of ready-made garment products He is operating four composite garment-manufacturing factories in Bangladesh with more than 7,000 workers. In 2013 he has imported over $3,000,000 of ready-made garments to the US, and continues to create and develop new lines of garment products for local and international markets. He owns and manages several retail establishments in Illinois.

     Another of Kabir’s companies is Imexco USA Inc., which produces soybean and corn oil in conjunction with Archer Daniel Midland “ADM” of Decatur, Illinois which manufactures, bottles and packages the product under the brand name American Chef. This product is endorsed by American Soybean Association and the advertisement money is funded by US dept of Agriculture. Currently, Imexco is exploring to market this product in India, Pakistan and the Middle East.

      Kabir actively serves the Bangladesh community in the Chicago area, mostly providing financial support for various community projects including the celebration of Bangladesh Independence Day, and more importantly funding for the Bangladesh Directory that is given to all Bangladeshis living within the area. 

      He supports several non-profit organizations in Bangladesh. Ninety percent of his garment workforce in Bangladesh consists of women who come from remote places and their jobs provide decent, safe, and comfortable housing. since Kabir subsidizes part of their housing. His goal is to break the barriers for women in a male-dominated society, by teaching them skills necessary for factory jobs. In addition, he provides continuous funding for social services including a free clinic that performs eye surgeries for the poor especially the elderly. Part of the subsidies comes from contributions that he solicits in the US and Canada. 

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